About Us

Hannah Berk

Hello! I have been walking dogs professionally for 6 years and would love to walk your pup! 

I've grown up with dogs my whole life, big and small, puppy through senior. I love all kinds of dogs with all kinds of needs and have seen it all, pretty and ugly. Between my own pups and clients, I have worked with many puppies so I am happy to help with basic house/leash training and working out that puppy energy.

I have taken full-time care of my family's senior pets, who had many special needs for medication and mobility, so I can help with preparing/administering medication, and helping them up and down stairs, if needed.

Currently, I have two dogs, Phoebe, who is great with other dogs, and Wagner, an anxious boy who is only good around Phoebe. Depending on you and your dogs' preferences, I can bring Phoebe along to walk/play with your pup. She loves meeting new friends and would love to be your pups' walking buddy! If you would prefer a one on one walk with me, Phoebe will understand and your pup will still get a good walk in. Whichever you'd like, I'd love to take your spry pup on the long walk he or she needs to stay happy and healthy.

I will always be available to give updates while hanging with your special pup when needed and will send a picture during each visit. I have high availability right now and would be happy to work with your schedule to make sure your pup gets the care he or she deserves!


Phoebe is a sweet lady who loves making new friends. She is very respectful on walks with other dogs so sometimes she might come along on walks with your pup. For new clients I usually bring along an additional person to walk Phoebe in case there is any issue with them walking together for any reason. 


Wagner is sweet boy but he has also grown to be more of a curmudgeon with age. He loves his sister Phoebe but any other dog is no friend of his. He has given me lots of experience with anxious dogs so I completely understand if your pup is a more of lone wolf and would prefer distance from other dogs for a nice solo walk.